If you heard about Enchant Him by Carrie Engel and you wonder if this program is really for you then read on and discover the real truth about Carrie Engel’s book.

In this Enchant Him review you will discover what the Enchant Him system is all about, what you will get when buying this product, what are the positive and negative things about Carrie Engel’s methods and if this program is really the right choice for you and only for you or not.

Let’s start with the basics and discover what Enchant Him is all about…


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What Is Enchant Him?


Created by Carrie Engel, a relationship expert and coach, in collaboration with Nick Bastion, a well-known romance guru, Enchant Him can be best described as a step-by-step program to help you understand how to look inside the man’s mind in order to find the special “path” to his heart, keep him happy and get him to completely adore you so that you can enjoy the perfect relationship with him that you always wanted.

The Enchant Him system is based mainly on the many years of experience that Carrie Engel has with her private coaching clients and the program revolves around the idea of “magnetic chemistry”.

Carrie Engel says that it is does not matter if you are currently single, in a short term relationship or if you are already married, the main key for relationship success is to build a special connection which goes much deeper than physical attraction that will help you to touch the man’s heart and make him completely adore you.

She explains that by creating this kind of relationship your man will have no choice but to fully “open up” to you and this way you will be able to get exactly what you want and to have the best relationship with him, the way you always wished for.

In order to make it happen Carrie Engel and Nick Bastion offer a complete relationship system that contains clever techniques and wealth of information on the most important relationship topics that women should know in order to read a man, understand what is going on in his head and improve their relationship the way they want.

Inside the Enchant Him package you will find the main Enchant Him eBook that contains all the techniques, tips and advice from Carrie Engel and Nick Bastion, two complementary bonus guides named ‘The Emotional Key’ and ‘Crack His Code’ and 14 days free trial for the “Unlock His Heart” program (see more info about this program below).

As with any other program Enchant Him by Carrie Engel is not a “perfect solution for everyone” and listed below are some of the most important pros and cons of this program that will help you to understand if this relationship system is what you are looking for or not…

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The Pros And Cons Of Enchant Him


The Pros


Not Too Manipulative

Unlike some popular programs online that use lots of highly manipulative techniques (such as the “How To Make Him Desire You” program), Carrie Engel prefers to teach her clients how to get what they want without too much manipulation and “weird” behavior.

Her methods are based on concepts such as motivation, chemistry and reward, and NOT on powerful but dangerous manipulative techniques that sometimes can make more harm than good for the relationship.

Created By Both Man And Woman

A big advantage Enchant Him has compared to other similar programs online is the fact that this system was created by both man and woman.

The collaboration between Carrie Engel and Nick Bastion allows you to enjoy the viewpoints of both men and women inside the Enchant Him book, something that we believe make the methods and techniques of this program much more effective.

Any Woman Can Benefit From It

Unlike many relationship programs online that are specifically designed for a particular group of women, Enchant Him by Carrie Engel is something that women in all kinds of relationships (including single women) can use in order to learn how to make men totally enchanted with them.

The “Unlock His Heart” Program

As we mentioned before, the main Enchant Him guide comes together with few bonus items and one of them is the free trial for the “Unlock His Heart” program that we personally see as a great addition to the main program.

The “Unlock His Heart” system contains some more advanced techniques that are not included in the main Enchant Him book and allows you to receive a brand new “secret” from Carrie Engel every week, something that we personally really like.

Straight To The Point And Easy To Follow

Carrie Engel’s style of writing is is very easy to understand and we really like the real life examples that she added in the different chapters of her Enchant Him book that make the learning process of her techniques much easier.

In addition, her book is straight to the point and doesn’t contain lots of complicated concepts and irrelevant information just to make it longer, something that we really appreciate.

Zero Risk Program

The main Enchant Him eBook and all the other bonus items that come with it are backed up by money back guarantee for 8 weeks from a very reputable company.

This guarantee makes the Enchant Him system completely risk free and it can also imply on the confidence that Carrie Engel has in her relationship system.


The Cons


Requires Some Changes And True Commitment On Your Part

One thing to remember about Enchant Him by Carrie Engel and Nick Bastion is that it is not a “magic pill”. In order to benefit from the advice inside the book a real change in your attitude towards the relationship will be required, something that may not be easy at all.

In addition, almost all the techniques that you will find inside the Enchant Him program demand commitment from you and this is absolutely not a “quick fix to your relationship problems”.

Not The Best Program If You Only Need To Get Your Ex Back

Few sections inside the Enchant Him program deal with different strategies on how to get your ex back, however we must admit that if your main goal is to win your ex back after he broke up with you then there are some better solutions for that online.

“Unlock His Heart” May Be Too Expensive For Some Women

We really like the “Unlock His Heart” program and we think that it’s a great addition to the Enchant Him system. However, after the free trial offer this component may become too expensive for some women with a tight budget which is a bit shame…

You Can Purchase It Only Online

The Enchant Him system is available only online and in digital format, and unfortunately you won’t find it in stores these days.

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enchant him reviewsShould You Get The Enchant Him Program?


Enchant Him by Carrie Engel is for you if:


  • You are looking for a relationship program that can help women in all kinds of relationships to make men completely adore them.
  • You are looking for a relationship program that uses much less manipulative techniques compared to other guides and programs online.
  • You are looking for a program that was written by both genders and provides viewpoints and insights from two sides.
  • You are looking for straight to the point program that contains only the most relevant information together with real life examples and without lots of videos, tons of bonus guides etc…
  • You are looking for zero risk system that comes with full money back guarantee.


Enchant Him by Carrie Engel is not for you if:


  • Your only goal is to get your ex back after the break up (there are better relationship programs for this situation such as the Text Your Ex Back system).
  • You think that Enchant Him is a “magic pill” which will help you getting the perfect relationship fast and without any work on your part.
  • You are looking for one of these relationship programs that contain lots of videos, audios and bonus guides with 100’s of pages.

enchant him carrie engelOur Verdict

There is no doubt that Carrie Engel’s Enchant Him system is one of the most popular relationship programs for women in the last few years for a good reason and this program can really help many women to understand men better, to find the “path” to their heart and to cope with unpredictable situations in their relationship much easier.

The thing that impressed us more than anything else in the Enchant Him book is the true understanding that Carrie Engel has when it comes to the male-female dynamic and how to deal with the communication problems that always seem to happen at some point.

In addition, the collaboration between Carrie Engel and Nick Bastion really makes their program much more effective and gives the Enchant Him system a big advantage compared to similar programs online.

Having said that, Enchant Him is NOT for all women. If you are looking for “shortcuts” or “quick fixes” to your relationship problems then Carrie Engel’s program is absolutely not for you. In addition, if you just trying to find a good guide that will help you getting your ex back after the breakup then there are some better relationship programs for women that we reviewed here which will probably give you faster results than Enchant Him.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a step-by-step system that will teach you how to look inside a man’s mind, how to get men to completely adore you and/or how to get to your man’s heart, then Enchant Him should probably be your first pick.

Moreover, the great free trial offer for the “Unlock His Heart” program together with the zero risk money back guarantee and the limited time price that Carrie Engel offers these days for her complete package make the Enchant Him system affordable than ever and in fact, there is nothing to lose…

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We hope that you have found our review on Enchant Him by Carrie Engel and Nick Bastion to be useful for you. If you have any question, feel free to send us an email via the contact page and we will try to get back asap.

We wish you the best!

Shelby and Skylar

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