If you heard about Forever Yours by Carlos Cavallo and you wonder if this new and popular course is really for you then continue reading and discover all you should know on Carlos Cavallo’s program.

On this Forever Yours review you will understand precisely what Forever Yours is all about, what you will get when purchasing this course and also learn about the most important pros and cons of it.

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Now, let’s start and firstly talk about the basic principles behind the Forever Yours course.

Forever Yours Review

What Exactly Is The “Forever Yours” Program?


Created by Carlos Cavallo, a famous relationship coach for more than 11 years that has been featured on several radio and TV shows all over the country, Forever Yours can be best described as a new relationship course that teaches women how to find out their man’s secret Password, which will allow him to put his guard down and be hers – forever.

This course was actually patterned after Carlos Cavallo’s $1,200 seminar that he conducted back in San Francisco and Carlos says that in simple words if your man has been giving you mixed signals, has grown cold lately, or is ready to bail out from your relationship, the Forever Yours course was created for you.

In this course, Carlos Cavallo gives no-nonsense tips and advice for women in order to make their man commit to the relationship for good and offers set of guides, easy to follow videos and useful audio files that will help you doing so.

The main component of Carlos Cavallo’s course is the “Forever Yours: The Secret Password To His Heart” guide that covers many topics and shows you step-by-step what you should do to make him commit. We won’t cover all the topics inside the main guide in our review because it is copyrighted, however, in a nutshell here are the main things that Carlos Cavallo covers inside the guide…

Forever Yours By Carlos Cavallo

The Basics Of Forever Yours


Firstly, Carlos Cavallo debunked the popular myth that most men are commitment phobic, which is completely untrue. He reveals that men do want to be in a relationship, BUT it needs to be his idea, without him being pressured or getting subtle threats. He also said that a woman can’t be casual about the whole relationship because he’ll not take her seriously or respect her.

Cavallo also shares the important principle behind the Forever Yours course – that men go through different stages before finally committing to any relationship. He explains that first, a man goes through the ‘Attraction’ stage, wherein he feels physical attraction towards a woman. Second, he goes through the ‘Connection’ stage which is where a man realizes that a woman could be his girlfriend or wife and just then moves to the last stage which is ‘Commitment.’

To move your man towards the ‘Commitment’ stage, he explains in detail what women must do.

In summary, women should (1) determine where a man is currently at, (2) know the things that stop him from committing, and (3) tell him the right stuff that would motivate him to put his guard down and finally take the relationship to the next level.

These are the some of the most important topics that you will find inside the “Forever Yours: The Secret Password To His Heart” guide. However, the Forever Yours course is much more than this guide and once you purchase the main guide you will also get the following items:


  • Full access to various video trainings that are available from the membership area.
  • Downloadable eBooks that cover all the content of the Forever Yours program.
  • Audio transcriptions of the main eBook.
  • Helpful “Man Mind Maps” that summarizes the important points of the course through easy-to-follow diagrams.
  • The “Romance Restart” guide that teaches women how to turn a sour relationship back to sweet again.
  • The “Forever Faithful” guide that gives helpful ideas to ensure that your man stays faithful to you.
  • The “Inside a Man’s Mind” guide that teaches you how to interpret his body language and signals.
  • Free membership trial to Carlos Cavallo’s famous “Perfect Membership Club” which will allow you to get advanced relationship techniques and new dating tips every week.


Well, this was, in a nutshell, the things that you are going to find inside the Forever Yours course. Now, let’s go over the different pros and cons of Carlos Cavallo’s course to understand better whether this relationship program is really for you or not.

Carlos Cavallo Forever Yours ProgramThe Pros And Cons Of The Forever Yours Program


The Pros


Offers Insightful And Detailed Information

One of the biggest advantages that the Forever Yours course gives is Carlos Cavallo’s unique and fresh take on why men are reluctant to let women emotionally connect with them. Instead of scratching only the surface and reaffirm men’s “commitment phobia,” he debunks the myth and dig deeper to give women believable and understandable information and solutions.

The Tips Given Are “Actionable”

Carlos Cavallo didn’t create his Forever Yours program just to make women “feel good” and inside his course he offers real solutions that women everywhere can immediately apply in their own relationship.

In addition, Mr. Cavallo doesn’t make you do anything that would be hard, against your principles, or puts you on the losing end. His tips and advice are easy, discreet and feels natural.

Very Affordable Price

The introductory price of the Forever Yours system is cheaper than many other similar programs online these days. Why does Carlos Cavallo offer it at a reduced price? Well, we guess that he’s doing it for the purpose of gaining more feedback or testimonials on the course since it is pretty new.

Anyway, with the useful video tutorials, several eBooks, useful bonus items and free trial membership to his “Perfect Membership Club” there is no doubt that the Forever Yours course is very affordable when compared to other relationship & dating courses online these days.

Proven And Tested Solutions

The Forever Yours course is actually the home edition of Carlos’ highly successful $1,200 seminar that he conducts in San Francisco, California. Through this seminar, many women found success in their intimate relationships, which Carlos would like to replicate through the Forever Yours home course, to help women all over the world enjoy a happy and fulfilling relationship.

In other words, the techniques that Carlos Cavallo teaches inside his Forever Yours course were tested before on different women from different backgrounds, which is a huge advantage.

Offers A Great Money-Back Guarantee

As with several other relationship programs that we reviewed here (such as How To Read A Man and Respark The Romance), The Forever Yours course comes with a completely risk-free, “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

If ever you find the information contained in this course useless, you can contact Carlos Cavallo and his staff via email within 60 days to get a 100% refund. This is, of course, another great advantage.


The Cons


The Discounted Price Is Offered Only For A Limited Time

Carlos Cavallo didn’t really say when his “limited offer” for Forever Yours is going to end, however based on all the materials that he included inside the course we won’t be surprised if he will double the price soon, something that can make the course significantly more expensive.

May Not Work For Every Woman

Forever Yours contains really helpful tips, guides and videos, however it’s pretty understandable that some women, despite having this course, may not be able to salvage their relationship. You should always remember that every relationship is different and there are no “magic cures” in this field.

It’s A “Digital” Relationship Course

It’s also important to keep in mind that Forever Yours is available only in digital format online. If you’re the old-school type, who likes having a real book in your hand, this may prove to be a problem for you. However, if you don’t like reading eBooks, you could always take advantage of the audio and video files included in this course or to print the material at home.


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Forever Yours
Our Verdict


Overall, we personally find the Forever Yours course really impressive and in fact, it was sort of difficult for us to find any real faults with it.

Carlos Cavallo’s insights are really practical and we really like that you can read or listen to his program, follow his clear advice and then observe how your man reacts to what you did.

We also like the fact that Carlos wasn’t the “feel-good” kind of relationship expert. He tries to debunk myths about men – about them being afraid of commitments – and let women understand how men really think about relationships and how to penetrate their emotional fortress, so they’ll practically be the one to beg their partner to get into an exclusive relationship.

With that said, Forever Yours is not everyone.

Firstly, if you like the look and feel of an actual book or CD, then this digital product may not be for you. In addition, if you think that Carlos Cavallo’s methods are “magic fix to your relationship” then we won’t recommend you getting his program.

On the other hand, if you really want to know how to get past his defenses and make him yours (forever) through simple and subtle ways, and you understand that patience & real efforts are required on your part, then Forever Yours can be a great option for you.

Furthermore, the full refund guarantee, together with the superb and special trial offer that Carlos Cavallo offers these days allow you to take advantage of the complete Forever Yours course without worries and with no risk at all…

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Well, that’s all we have to say about Carlos Cavallo’s program. We hope that this Forever Yours review was useful for you and we wish you all the best in getting back or holding on to your man!

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