If you heard about the Hook Your Ex System by Steve Pratt and you wonder if this program can really help you to get your ex back then we invite you to stay with us and to learn all the things that you must know about Steve Pratt’s program before making your decision.

On this Hook Your Ex review we will explain to you what the Hook Your Ex system is all about, what are the main things that you will learn inside and also cover the major pros and cons that we have found about it.

Before we start we want to emphasize that this is a review of the female edition of Hook Your Ex which is dedicated for women who want to get their ex back. If you are a guy that wants to win his ex girlfriend back then this review may also help you, but we will recommend you to check This Page for more details on the male edition.

Without further ado, here is a short summary that will give general idea about the Hook Your Ex program and its basics.

Hook Your Ex SystemWhat Exactly Is The Hook Your Ex System?

Created by Steve Pratt, a relationship expert, Hook Your Ex (also known as “Hook Your Ex Back”) is a step-by-step program that was designed to help individuals make their ex eagerly chase them and genuinely want to get back together, no matter what the reason of the breakup is.

Steve Pratt believes that the human primal brain is programmed to avoid pain at all cost and seek pleasure. It records every experience – good or bad – and categorizes each as pleasurable or painful.

Steve says that this is especially true with intimate relationships. The reason why your ex called it quits is because the painful experiences simply overwhelmed the pleasurable ones. Thus, your ex put up what he called the “Great Wall of Defense”, which means your ex stopped feeling good around you.

The good news according to Steve Pratt is that emotions and feelings are temporary. He claims that you can cause your ex’s primal brain to change its focus from pleasurable memories to painful memories and back to pleasurable memories again. And this is exactly what Steve Pratt focuses inside his Hook Your Ex program: to teach you specific techniques and steps that will help you make your ex want to get back together badly with you.

In short, here are some of the main topics that Steve Pratt covers inside his Hook Your Ex guide:


  • How to subtly introduce the idea of getting back together in your ex’s mind, so your ex will literally beg you to take him back.
  • A simple and quick technique that will teach you how to read your ex’s mind, so you’ll know exactly what your ex’s wants, needs and expectations from you are.
  • The right words to use to make your ex feel closer to you each day.
  • “Emotional Cleanup” technique which will help you remove your ex’s doubts and hesitations, and replace these emotions with an intense attraction for you.
  • Logical Reasoning technique – this will make your ex think of all the logical reasons why he or she needs to get back with you.
  • Counter Reaction method – this will show you how to gain power over your ex, so you won’t always have to be at his mercy.
  • The “Unconditional Forgiveness” technique that will help you make your ex forget about the bad memories and emotions you have caused because you’ve two-timed.
  • The “Love Amplifier” method that will teach you how to make your ex see you as the most important person in his life.
  • How to make your ex blurt out the real reason why he broke up with you and more…


Aside from the main book, inside his Hook Your Ex program Steve Pratt also offers MP3 version of the guide and few bonus items, including the “How to Hook a Man for Life” report and the “Love Trigger” guide for free.

This is some of the main things you can expect to learn from the Hook Your Ex system. Now, let’s go over the various pros and cons of this relationship course so you can understand much better if Steve Pratt’s program is really the right choice for your personal situation.

Hook Your Ex ReviewThe Pros And Cons Of The Hook Your Ex System


The Pros


A Less Expensive Option

The Hook Your Ex program comes at a one-time very reasonable price, which is cheaper than many programs that we reviewed here before (such as The Breakup Cure or Text Your Ex Back) and definitely cheaper than consulting a relationship expert or joining group therapy sessions, which could cost hundreds of dollars, up to thousands of dollars, depending on how many sessions you need to take to fully recover from the heartache.

Detailed And Actionable Information

We think that Hook Your Ex is one of the few relationship programs out there that’s laid out in an understandable and a step-by-step manner. This is a big advantage because you can quickly and easily achieve results.

In addition, the fact that Steve Pratt also added an MP3 version of the guide into the package makes it even easier to understand everything in case you are not fond of reading.

Offers Relevant Information For Different Situations

The Hook Your Ex book contains information that many people, regardless of their situation, can find beneficial. For example, it can be used by women who just broke up with their ex recently or for some time now, or even for those whose ex is currently with someone new.

Enlightening And Educational

Another thing that we like about Steve Pratt’s Hook Your Ex program is that it contains lots of information about the female and male psyche which can really help you to have a better understanding of the needs, wants and expectations of your ex. This way, when your ex comes back to you, you’ll be a much better partner.

Comes With A Decent Cash-Back Guarantee

If you’re skeptical about Steve Pratt’s program, the best way to prove (or disprove) your suspicions is to try it for 60 days. After that, if you don’t like what you read or didn’t get any results, you can take advantage of the decent money back guarantee that Steve Pratt offers and to get back all of your money.

In simple words, the money back guarantee that comes with the Hook Your Ex programs makes it a completely risk-free choice.


The Cons


May Be Used For Selfish Reasons

The information given in this program has the potential to be abused and used for the wrong reasons. True, this program can be used even if your ex is already with another person – and that’s some kind of problem for us. If you see your ex is truly happy with another person, wouldn’t it be better not to use this program to try and get him back?

Requires True Efforts And Time

Do you really want to get your ex back? Are you willing to invest your time and energy for this purpose? Well, you should. If you’re not dedicated of if you think that Hook Your Ex is some kind of “magic solution” then it is probably going to be useless for you.

Sold Only As An Electronic Product Online

The Hook Your Ex system is available in PDF and audio formats and it can be purchased only online. If you don’t like a “soft copy”, you can always work around this by printing the entire program at home.

However, it would be better in our opinion if Steve Pratt offers a hard-copy version at the official website as well…


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Hook Your Ex By Steve PrattOur Verdict

We personally believe that Hook Your Ex by Steve Pratt is a great program to consider by anyone who want to get their ex back, regardless of their current situation or the reason of the breakup.

This program is really simple to understand and implement thanks to its clear and step-by-step instructions, and the fact that it is cheaper than many programs online, and of course from therapy sessions, is a big plus for those who are on a short budget.

In addition, we also believe that even if you’re not successful in getting your ex back, you’ll still get something from this program. For instance, you will learn many things that you never knew before, like how you and your ex think and other important points in psychology which can be really helpful in life.

With that said, The Hook Your Ex system is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you want a solution that will magically deliver your ex at your doorstep without you exerting any effort, the Hook Your Ex program is probably not for you. This program can help you make your ex go crazy for you again, but you still need to spend time and efforts to achieve your goal.

We also must admit that it does bother us that this could be used to win back your ex even when he is already in a new relationship. We just feel that it would be best not to use this for that purpose in order not to damage a potentially beautiful new relationship… However this is totally up to you.

This way or that way, there is no doubt that Steve Pratt offers a very powerful step-by-step system that can really deliver results. Steve may seem to have fat claims, but the only way to prove or disprove his claims is to try his program and to see the results for yourself. And the best thing is that with the risk-free money back guarantee for 60 days there is actually nothing for you to lose…

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We really hope you find our Hook Your Ex system review helpful. Good luck in winning back your ex and remember: Don’t waste this second chance in love!

Shelby and Skylar

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