How to Get the Guy You WantYou’ve been gushing over a guy for who knows how long. So what can you can do to make him ask you out, and perhaps build a long-term relationship? Here are three steps that will help you understand how to get the guy you want, without making it obvious that you like him.

Step #1: Catching His Attention

Ladies, the truth is men don’t fall in love with your personality at first sight. The reality is men are highly visual creatures. This is the first level of a man’s attraction that you need to conquer.

“Uh, okay. But what exactly do guys look for in a woman’s outside appearance?”

To answer that question, let me direct you to a previous survey that was conducted for a popular dating site called Based on the results, guys judge women mostly by their…

• Teeth (58 percent)
• Hair (51 percent)
• Outfit (45 percent)
• The presence or lack of tattoos (40 percent)
• Hands or nails (37 percent)
• Shoes (18 percent)

While your looks don’t guarantee he’ll be hopelessly in-love with you, they do get your foot in the door. Besides, this is just the first step on how to get the guy you want.

Step #2: Getting Him to Crave More of You

There are several ways you can do to spark a guy’s interest and make him constantly crave for your company. Trying to figure out how to get the guy you want? Try the following:

1. Master the art of flirting. Because the last thing you want is for him to see you only as a friend, or worse, as his mother or sister. Flirting gives him the impression that you’re confident and fun to be with.

2. Make your conversations brief. Just when the conversation gets interesting, find a good excuse to leave. You don’t want to make yourself look too available because it may make him think you’re an easy prey.

3. Boost his ego when he’s around you. Talk about his interests and what’s going on with his life. Give him a genuine praise whenever appropriate. Making him feel good whenever he’s around will surely make him want to be with you more.

4. Strike a conversation with other guys. If he feels that other guys are having fun talking to you, it’ll trigger his competitive spirit. And when that happens, he’ll do anything to have his alone time with you.

5. Show your true self. It sounds like a cliché, but no one wants to feel cheated. Of course, we can tweak a few things about ourselves, but faking them doesn’t really qualify.

Step #3: How to Get the Guy You Want to Ask You Out

Never be the first one to propose a date, although some men prefer it that way. You have to understand that if he truly desires to really get to know you better, he’s going to move mountains just to have that opportunity.

Ladies, men love a little challenge. So be the challenge.

Well, these are just a few of my suggestions. What are your other tips on how to get the guy you want? Share your thoughts if you want and have a great day!


P.S – Here is one video that I personally like. You can find few more tips there 🙂



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