If you heard about What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer and you wonder if this relationship development program for women is really for you then you came to the right place 🙂

In this What Men Secretly Want review you will discover exactly what this book is all about, what you will find inside, what are the main pros and cons of James Bauer’s program and most important, you will understand better if What Men Secretly Want is really the right solution For You or not.

If you don’t want to throw away your money on relationship system that offers methods which are simply not for you then we will highly recommend you to take a look at our complete review below and to find everything you have to know about What Men Secretly Want before purchasing it.

Without further ado, let’s start with the basics of this book and understand better what you will find inside…


what men secretly wantWhat Exactly Is “What Men Secretly Want”?


Created by James Bauer, an established relationship coach and a student of Psychology, What Men Secretly Want (also known as “Be Irresistible”) can be best described as a relationship development system that was designed specifically for women that want to understand men better and improve their current relationship life dramatically.

The Be Irresistible book revolves around “The Respect Principle” idea, and James Bauer believes that most men will be more attracted to the women that can create feelings of not only respect, but also admiration in them. He claims that a woman who will follow the “The Respect Principle” will be able to connect with the man of her dreams and eventually enable him to commit to a long-term happy relationship.

In order to achieve this successful relationship James Bauer offers a step-by-step guide that will help you to understand a man on a deep emotional level by giving you all the “tools” that you need in order to connect better with your man and keep him with you for the long-term.

You can simply check this page if you want to learn more about all the most important topics that James Bauer covers in the Be Irresistible book. Now, in order to understand better if the methods that shared in the What Men Secretly Want guide are really for you or not, let’s talk about the most important pros and cons of James’ Bauer’s relationship program…


what men secretly want james bauerThe Pros And Cons Of Be Irresistible By James Bauer


The Pros


Unique Program That Was Specifically Designed For Women

Unlike many relationship development programs online that usually offer the same general advice for both men and women, What Men Secretly Want was designed specifically for women who wish to get an inside look at the male mind.

Using specific techniques that were designed only for women will result in a much higher chance to connect with your man more easily and to get him to finally commit for a long term relationship.

Easy To Understand And To Follow

The Be Irresistible guide revolves around a simple but powerful principle which is very easy to understand. You won’t find any super complicated techniques in this guide and all the information and methods that James Bauer shares make sense and are easy to follow.

Lots Of Real Life Scenarios Are Covered

Inside his Be Irresistible guide James Bauer provides lots of life situations and experiences from real couples that he met over the years and explains how to react in each scenario.

We personally like that in contrast to many relationship guides that provide lots of theories, but very few solutions the What Men Secretly Want is more practical and focuses much more on the real things that you need to do and how to them right.

Comes In Both Audio And Text Version

The Be Irresistible guide comes in both e-book version and an audio version. This can be a great thing for women who don’t like reading and prefer listening to James Bauer’s advice” on the go”.

Full Money Back Guarantee Is Included

The Be Irresistible guide comes with a full money back guarantee for 8 weeks from one of the top retailers of digital products online.

This guarantee makes this relationship program completely risk free and it can also tell about the confidence level that James Bauer has in his own methods and product.


The Cons


A Bit Of Marketing Hype

There is no doubt that there’s a certain hype around the Be Irresistible book online. While this program can really help many women, we personally didn’t like to see all the promises such as “100% immediate and substantial results”.

Unfortunately, no one can promise this kind of results when it comes to relationship issues…

Less Comprehensive Compared To Other Programs

The What Men Secretly Want main book and the bonuses that come with it offer less content compared to some other relationship development programs for women that we reviewed here before.

This product is more “straight to the point and practical guide” than a “complete relationship development system” and you won’t find here lots of bonus guides and dozens of videos like several other popular products online.

Available Only In Digital Edition And Can Be Purchased Just Online

What Men Secretly Want comes in a digital e-book format and once you pay for it you get it immediately.

On one side, there are some great advantages for this kind of products such as instant access and no shipping fees. On the other side, James Bauer’s guide is not available in physical edition and you can purchase it only online.


what men secretly want reviewsShould You Get The What Men Secretly Want Program?


What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer is for you if:


  • You have trouble keeping your man committed, moving him to the next level of your relationship or just keeping him interested in your current relationship and you are looking for step-by-step guide that can help you solve these problems.
  • You don’t like reading a lot and you are looking for straight to the point guide that will help you to get a deeper understanding of men without lots of theories in 100’s of pages.
  • You are looking for a relationship development program that was designed specifically for women and not for a general guide that can fit both genders.
  • You are looking for easy to follow guide that doesn’t involve super complicated and very advanced methods.
  • You are looking for a guide that covers many real life situations and scenarios of couples and talks about the good things and bad things that you can do in each situation.
  • You are looking for a relationship development program that comes with a full money back guarantee.


What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer is not for you if:


  • You are looking for a comprehensive relationship system that contains many guides, lots of videos and several bonus items.
  • You are looking for a cheap relationship development program that can provide you with quick, but probably only short term results.
  • You think that What Men Secretly Want is a “magic pill”, and belive that only purchasing it will help you to get the desired results without any work and patience on your side.


be irresistible what men secretly wantOur Verdict

Overall, there is no doubt that Be Irresistible by James Bauer is a great doorway into the male mind and what we really like about this guide is that it revolves around a simple but powerful principle which is really easy to understand and to follow.

In addition, the fact that all the methods inside the Be Irresistible book were designed specifically for women guarantees much higher success rates compared to general relationship development programs for both men and women.

With that in mind, we also must admit that What Men Secretly Want is not for every woman.

If you are looking for a very comprehensive program that comes with video tutorials, several guides and lots of bonus items, then What Men Secretly Want is not for you and you should opt for other programs such as Secret Survey or Capture His Heart. In addition, if you think that this program will help you to “make him commit in only 24 hours” or something like that then you should not spend your money on James Bauer’s system.

On the other hand, if you are trying to find straight to the point and easy to follow guide that contains some simple but powerful methods that will help you to get a deeper understanding of your man, to keep him committed, to make him move to the next level or just to keep him happy and interested in your relationship, then What Men Secretly Want can be a great choice for you.

Moreover, considering that this product comes with a full money back guarantee, we personally believe that there is really nothing for you to lose…

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We hope that this review on What Man Secretly Want by James Bauer was useful for you.

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