If you heard about “Make Him Fall Head Over Heels” and you wonder if this relationship course by Kymmie Krieger is really for you, then you are warmly welcome to check our today’s review.

On this Make Him Fall Head Over Heels review you will learn exactly what this relationship program can offer you, which topics Kymmie Krieger covers inside, and what the main pros and cons of her methods are.

Firstly, let’s talk about the basics…

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels

What Exactly Is The “Make Him Fall Head Over Heels” Program?


Created by Kymmie Krieger, a dating and relationship coach, the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels program was created to help women catch any guy’s attention and make him fall helplessly in love with them using simple yet powerful methods.

According to the author, one of the reasons why many romantic relationships fail is due to improper communication. By communication, she meant these three “love languages”: Feeling, Auditory, and Visual. While all of us use all three, there’s always one that dominates.

We will briefly describe each of these three types of communication:

Feeling – Guys belonging in this group are considered the romantics. They express what they feel and react based on their instincts.

Auditory – Guys belonging in this group are listeners – ironically, they also talk a lot – and can be easily distracted by sound. When arguing with them, make your voice soft or calm as much as possible.

Visual – Guys belonging in this group are concerned about the appearance of things and people around them. When you’re around them, perhaps you could put some makeup and dress nicely. Or, you could also make the surroundings clean and organized…

So, what’s included in the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels package?

1. Of course, you get the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels main manual.

2. Four Special Bonuses:

  • “How to Bulletproof Your Relationship Against Infidelity” – In this free audio report, Bob Grant, a dating and relationship coach and author, shares his expert opinion on various topics, such as why men cheat, how to find out a guy’s true nature, and what to do if you suspect infidelity.
  • “How to Make Him Commit” – This special report will share to you twenty-two laws for finding success with men, as well as information on why guys are afraid to take their relationships to the next level, how to identify time-wasters, and what you can do to keep him always interested in you.
  • “Online Dating for the Savvy Woman” – Want to find love in the World Wide Web? This free report will walk you through the entire process of online dating. You’ll learn various things here, like the do’s and don’ts of online dating and how to take the relationship to the real world.
  • “Ultimate Attraction Series” – This optional offer is free for the first month. This offers monthly updates on healthy lifestyle, relationships, intimacy problems, and special interviews with dating experts.

This is just a few things you can expect from the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels system. For more information about other topics that Kymmie Krieger covers in her program you can simply check this page.

Now, it’s time to talk about the various pros and cons of this relationship guide…

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels Review

The Pros And Cons Of “Make Him Fall Head Over Heels”


The Pros


Great Level Of Information

It’s good to know you’re paying an X amount of money in exchange for a wealth of good information, and we personally think you’ll have fun time discovering new techniques from this guide.

For instance, you’ll learn the “Spicy Banter Technique” which you can use to get his affection through a spicy conversation. You could also try the “Eagle Technique”, so you can put your best weapon into good use (your femininity).

You Won’t Get Confused

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is an easy read because of its casual, informative style of writing. It also gives useful step-by-step instructions on how you can capture a man’s heart, and overall, everything Kymmie Krieger teaches is really easy to follow.

No Unethical Methods Involved

Kymmie Krieger doesn’t support dirty, overly demanding, or self-degrading tactics. No, this is not a revenge book. The real reason the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels guide was created is to help women, like you, pass through the barrier of your partner and get him to truly love you using subtle and effective techniques. It also teaches you how to effectively connect and communicate with your partner in order to make the relationship last.

Changes Your Luck In Love Around

If you’ve suffered a string of bad relationships, this is a good place to look for solutions. If you just put into heart and apply everything Kymmie shared in this book, we don’t see why you won’t get great results and real improvement in your relationship and dating life.

Ironclad 60 Days Refund Guarantee

You have two months to take the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels guide to a “test drive”. This is more than enough time to understand how effective this relationship guide is and to see for yourself if the methods Kymmie Krieger describes really work for you or not…


The Cons


Not A “Love Spell” Guide

Let’s face it. There is no “magic formula” that will work for any woman on any guy, and there is a small chance that Kymmie Krieger’s guide may fail to hook the interest of the guy you want.

Obsession Problem

The Make Him Fall Head Over Heels system is based on some very powerful techniques and it’s nice that many women have found this guide effective for them. The problem is if a guy suddenly develops a sudden obsession with you. That’s scary. It’s just a possibility, though, so always be careful in selecting your potential mate.

Digital Copy Only

The Make Him Fall Head Over Heels guide is sold in PDF format only. If you’re living somewhere with ultra slow or non-existent net connection, or if you simply don’t like reading ebooks, this may be a disadvantage for you…

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels Kymmie Krieger
The Bottom Line

Overall, we really think that Make Him Fall Head Over Heels by Kymmie Krieger is a great guide to check out.

Firstly, this guide is really easy to understand and follow. We think it’s because of the simple language used and the organization of the entire guide. What we really like about this guide is that it has a wealth of tips and techniques that you could try out right away once you get the gist.

In addition, inside her guide Kymmie Krieger won’t let you do things you don’t want to do, especially those that will compromise your values, in order to capture a man’s heart. As Kymmie explains, this guide was created to help you turn your luck in love around without the deceitful and manipulative tricks taught by other guides, something that we personally really appreciate…

With that said, the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels program is not for everyone.

Firstly, please make sure you use this on the person you feel you can be with for a long time to avoid unwanted effects, like getting too much affection from a guy that it’s kind of scary already.

In addition, please remember that Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is not a “love spell” and some efforts and patience are absolutely required. If you’re expecting to get results in a snap of your fingers, then Kymmie Krieger’s guide is probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re racking your brains out on how to make your partner to deeply love you, if your relationship seems to be falling apart, or if you simply feel he has grown cold towards you, then the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels system is a great option for you.

Moreover, if within sixty days you felt duped and didn’t get the results you’ve been promised, then Kymmie Krieger promises that you can feel free to email her and get a 100% refund. With this decent guarantee in place, we personally believe that Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is absolutely worth a try…

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Well, this is it for our review of the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels program by Kymmie Krieger. We hope you find this review useful for your needs, and we wish you a happy love life!

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