online dating tips for womenStill single and looking for Mr. Right online? As the song goes, “love is a battlefield”… and so is online dating. To help you win the battle, here are a few basic yet important online dating tips for women.

1. Determine who are those worth your time

You’ll know who these guys are if you already made a list of the specific things you’re looking for in a potential date or partner. If you haven’t done this yet, do it now, so you don’t have to mindlessly go through millions of profiles every day.

2. Clearly spell out what you can bring to the table

Skip the “what I want in a man” descriptions. The ‘About Me’ section of your profile should highlight what you can offer to guys. For instance, you could write something like this: “It’s never been my style to rant and complain.”

3. The more pictures you post, the better

Give them something to imagine about. One picture is not going to cut it. If you want to flood your inbox with messages from interested guys, post three or more pictures. Of course, it would be better if you’re smiling (with your teeth showing) on your pictures.

4. Exchange a few messages before going on a real date

Rushing into a relationship is a recipe for disaster. Take things slow this time. Chat, call, or email each other first before agreeing to have a real-world date. In that way, you’ll save yourself from a potentially bad relationship.

5. As much as possible, join paid dating sites

Most of the time, free dating websites are teeming with the wrong guys—the creeps, the serial daters, the criminals, and so on. You get what I mean, right?

I’m not saying that paid dating websites don’t have these kinds of guys. But the likelihood of meeting them there is much lower. When a guy pays to join a dating website, he’s most likely serious about finding the right girl to form a long-term relationship with.

6. Delay your judgment

If something he posted or wrote on his profile concerns you, why not send him a question via email or private messaging to get a clarification? You really don’t want to miss the opportunity to be with a great guy just because you assumed the wrong thing.

7. Don’t be too wordy when writing your profile.

Writing too much things gives guys the impression that you’re the desperate kind. One of the online dating tips for women of many experts state that it’s easier for guys to remember what you wrote if you stick to 3s, like 3 descriptions of yourself or 3 things you like and dislike.

I hope these online dating tips for women will help you find the right date or long-term partner. If not, feel free to browse other online dating tips for women to help you finally find your prince charming.

So, what other online dating tips for women you’d like to share with everyone? Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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Shelby and Skylar

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