If you heard about “That’s Not How Men Work” by Marni Kinrys and you wonder if this new dating and relationship course is really the right one for your personal needs, then we invite you to stay with us for the next few minutes and to check our detailed review below.

On this review you will find out what “That’s Not How Men Work” can offer you, understand what you will find inside, and learn about the most important pros and cons which will help you making a final decision.

Let’s start with a quick overview and before anything else understand what Marni Kinrys’ program is all about…

That’s Not How Men Work

What Exactly Is “That’s Not How Men Work”?


Created by Marni Kinrys, a dating coach, relationship expert and a famous speaker, That’s Not How Men Work can be best described as a simple-to-understand and comprehensive course that reveals unique and refreshing methods to help single women know how to get into the minds of men, as well as how to attract and date them.

Marni, who mostly coached men, explains that she finally created this course to get the truth out there about how men really think and work, including what makes them commit to a relationship and what makes them really attracted to a woman.

Her “That’s Not How Men Work” program is made up of three main chapters and few bonus items, and in short, here is a general overview of each one of them:

Chapter 1: Turn Yourself On In Order To Turn Him On

This chapter is solely about YOU. Here, Marni Kinrys will help you get a good idea of who you really are as a woman by answering several questions such as: What makes you like or dislike a guy? Who is your ideal partner? What are your limitations? Etc…

Chapter 2: The Evolution Of Attraction

Do you think men don’t make any sense at all? This chapter will help you on that matter. Here Marni Kinrys will explain in detail the unrealistic expectations and ideas that women have about men and their relationships.

Chapter 3: Nailing The Approach

This chapter of the That’s Not How Men Work guide will basically let you know in detail the dos and don’ts of approaching men.

Aside from the main guide, you’ll also receive the following bonus items from Marni Kinrys when purchasing her relationship course:

Bonus 1: Confessions From A Wing Girl – This bonus item will help you breakthrough the man’s defenses and get access to his heart for good.

Bonus 2: Intoxicated Him With Desire (audio and transcript) – This item contains information from Marni’s exclusive interview of Bernardo Mendez. Inside you’ll learn little-known ways on how you can make your man love you deeply.

Bonus 3: Unlock His Secrets (audio and transcript) – In this bonus guide you’ll learn proven techniques to make a man feel immensely attracted to you and how to communicate with a guy in a way he really understands.

These are just a few things you could expect when purchasing the “That’s Not How Men Work” system. Now, to help you decide if this relationship and dating program is really the right one for your personally, let’s talk about some of the major pros and cons of Marni Kinrys’ system in the next section of this review…

Marni Kinrys review

The Pros And Cons Of The “That’s Not How Men Work” Program


The Pros


Skilled And Experienced Author

Well, there’s a great reason why Marni Kinrys is a well-known wing girl and female pick-up artist in the industry she belongs. Since 2007 she has been writing books and courses, and a great chunk of her career as a dating coach was dedicated to helping men get the women they desire.

Throughout this time, she has learned a great deal on what’s going inside a man’s mind, like why he won’t go for a particular woman, what makes him fall in love and commit, why he’s hot or cold (vice versa) all of a sudden, and so on.

In simple words, Marni Kinrys is a real dating and relationship expert and not one of those “gurus” online which offer the exact same useless advice.

Gives You A Light Bulb Moment

After going through this guide you’ll gain a better understanding on how to trigger a man’s “attraction button” so you can use it to your advantage. This will also correct your faulty ideas about men, so you can respond correctly and devise a whole new approach.

But more than that, the “That’s Not How Men Work” guide will make you the RIGHT woman by helping you discover who you are, including your boundaries, your values and why you keep attracting the wrong men.

Marni Kinrys also provided several tools for this purpose, such as The 6 Task Questionnaire, Value Discovery, Awesome You, Awesome Him Lists, and The Brain Dump. All of them are very useful and provide real value.

Extremely Refreshing Relationship Tips

Another great thing about “That’s Not How Men Work” is that most of the ideas and tips shared inside are not the usual stuff you’ll read from other websites or authors. We personally think that this uniqueness is due to Marni’s personality and years of experience as a wing girl and adviser to many men.

Low Price For A Comprehensive Package

For only one-time fee that is less than $50 you’ll gain access to a comprehensive guide and several useful bonus items that offer unique information. Compared to some other popular dating courses for women online that usually cost more and offer less information, “That’s Not How Men Work” is a very affordable option.

Try It Risk-Free For An Entire Two Months

If within 60 days you’re not happy with the results of the That’s Not How Men Work program you can just send Marni Kinrys an email requesting for a full refund.

Although we personally believe you won’t need it, and although we haven’t came across any negative reviews about this program so far, having this option in your pocket is still a huge advantage in our opinion.


The Cons


Requires Time And Effort

Well, a 180+ page manual is sort of intimidating to read for some people who are not fond of reading. While going through the “That’s Not How Men Work” wouldn’t really take you days to do, we personally think that adding some kind of a quick start guide to the main program could be a good idea.

May Hurt A Bit

Not physically hurting, though. Since the “That’s Not How Men Work” is not your typical dating guide, it contains information that brings you face to face on how you really come across to men, which may contradict to your long-standing perception about yourself. Marni Kinrys didn’t create this guide to sugar coat things or lift you up.

Sold As A Downloadable Digital Product

That’s Not How Men Work is a downloadable product that is formatted in PDF and audio files so don’t expect any hard copy being delivered to your doorsteps. If you prefer a physical book your only option will be to print the entire guide by yourself.

Thats Not How Men Work reviewsThe Bottom Line

Overall, “That’s Not How Men Work” is a very unique guide because of Marni Kinrys’ refreshing and mind-opening tips and information that other so-called dating and relationship experts don’t offer. You can really see how seasoned and knowledgeable Marni is on how men think and act as far as women, dating, and relationships are the concerns.

This guide is a collection of Marni Kinrys’ years of experience as a wing girl for the different men she coached. For us, that adds to the credibility of the information contained in the “That’s Not How Men Work” main guide and the bonus items that come with it.

We truly believe that this guide can help many women in different relationship situations, especially if you’re tired of figuring out how to trigger a man’s attraction or what’s wrong with you. In this case this guide will save you the headache and heartache.

With that said, the “That’s Not How Men Work” program is not for every woman.

Firstly, this guide is not meant to spare you from some possibly hurtful realizations, especially about yourself, so be warned. In addition, if you’re the impatient type or if you are not planning to invest the time and effort needed to read the complete guide, then you probably won’t get any results from this system and in this case you should not get the “That’s Not How Men Work” system from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you are serious about your dating and relationship life, if you’re looking for unique and refreshing advice, or if you wish to know why you keep dating the wrong guys, then “That’s Not How Men Work” is a great option for you.

Moreover, considering the fact that Marni Kinrys offers full money back guarantee for her complete program, we truly believe that her methods worth a try…

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Well, this is the end of our review about That’s Not How Men Work by Marni Kinrys. We sincerely hope this has helped you decide whether this relationship and dating course is really for you or not…

All the best!

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