If you heard about The Breakup Cure by Kevin Kurgansky and you wonder if this popular course can really help you personally then this post is for you.

At this Breakup Cure review we are going to cover Kevin Kurgansky’s program in details, explain to you what you can expect from it and to focus on the major pros and cons which will help you understand better if the Breakup Cure is the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

Before we start, please don’t forget that this is not the official site of the program but only a personal review. In case you try to find the Breakup Cure official website or to locate special discounts for Kevin Kurgansky’s system, then you may want to Go Here and to take advantage of great trial offer for the full program, directly from the Breakup Cure official site.

Now, let’s begin with a short introduction about the basics and understand what The Breakup Cure is all about…

The Breakup Cure

What Exactly Is The Breakup Cure?


Created by Kevin Kurgansky, a certified coach from Chicago, IL and one of the leading experts around the world on relationship breakups, the Breakup Cure can be best described as a complete course that was designed to help people completely heal and move forward after experiencing a painful breakup.

Mending a broken heart is not the easiest feat in the world and Kevin, also called as “The Breakup Doctor”, knows that fact. He explains that the main reason for his course is to provide you with proven techniques that will make it easier for you to bear the pain, move forward and enter a new relationship with or without your ex.

To help you achieve this goal Kevin Kurgansky offers three different plans for his Breakup Cure program so you can choose the best plan that meets your needs. At the time of writing this review these plans are the following:

Plan #1: The Breakup Cure Silver Plan

This is perfect for those people who only want to access the PDF version of this course. By choosing this plan, you can also get a chance to interact with the rest of the community, to share your thoughts and to learn some valuable pointers from fellow members.

Plan #2: The Breakup Cure Gold Plan

If you like to keep your hands free, The Breakup Cure Gold Plan offers the audio version of this course as well. With the audio version you can listen to the entire course while you perform other activities.

Plan #3: The Breakup Cure Platinum Plan

This plan gives you everything. You get full access to videos, eBook, audio files and other special bonuses. The downloadable videos and eBook are compatible with your Kindle, iPad, iPod, iPhone and other Android smartphones.

This is basically what you can expect once you purchase The Breakup Cure program. Now, to help you decide if this course is really the ideal choice for your personal needs, let’s go over its different pros and cons.

Kevin Kurgansky The Breakup CureThe Pros And Cons Of The Breakup Cure


The Pros


Tried And Tested Strategies From A Real Expert

Kevin Kurgansky is a certified coach with The Life Coach Institute and the main focus of his practice is on breakups. For over a decade, he has already helped lots of individuals move on from their past relationship and become happy again through his countless videos, books and coaching programs, so there is no doubt that he is someone that can be trusted.

The Breakup Cure Can Be Used For Different Scenarios

Although this is ideally developed for those who have already gone through a breakup, the Breakup Cure Plan can also be used by people who lost their loved one through death or who feel that their relationship is on the verge of falling apart.

In addition, inside his course Kevin Kurgansky shares different strategies that can help you move on with or without your ex, so if you still want to get your ex back after the breakup this course can also help you doing so.

Offers Different Plans For Your Unique Needs

Another thing that we like about the Breakup Cure course is that it is divided into three different plans to suit everyone’s perceived needs and budget. You have the Silver Plan if you only want the text-based edition, the Gold Plan If you prefer to listen than read and the Platinum Plan if you want to access everything which that course has to offer.

Extra Support And “Tailor Made Solutions” Are Available

Kevin Kurgansky doesn’t only cater to people living in Chicago Illinois, where he’s currently based. Wherever you are in the world, you can take advantage of his services by simply scheduling an appointment, so he can talk to you via phone, Skype, his private email (given in the course) and other means provided on the official website of The Breakup Doctor.

This support can be extremely useful if you think that your situation is very complicated and you need some specific guidance in addition to the things that you will learn inside the Breakup Cure program.

After all, when it comes to the matters of the heart, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and Kevin is well aware of that fact. So whatever complex situation you may be in right now, he can work with you one-on-one to give you his unique perspective and come up with solutions that best address your current needs.

Some Great Bonuses

When purchasing the main Breakup Cure program you will also get some very useful bonus items. Unlike most of the relationship courses online that usually come with bonuses that don’t add any value, the bonus items that Kevin Kurgansky gives offer real value and we personally found the “Ugly Truth About Therapy Bonus Interview” with Dr. Joe Siegler and the “How to Stop Thinking about Your Ex Bonus eBook” to be extremely useful.

Kevin Kurgansky Offers A Full Refund Within 60 Days

If ever you find The Breakup Cure program useless, you have the option to get full refund within 60 days. This guarantee actually allows you to test all the strategies inside the program without any risk, which is another very important advantage.


The Cons


May Not Work For Everyone

Although The Breakup Cure offers effective and practical strategies, there’s still a slim chance that it may not work for you. After all, when it comes to relationship matters there is no “100% guaranteed cure” and no program can promise to you such a thing.

However, in that case you can always ask for a full refund of your money.

You Must Apply The Techniques To Your Life

Another thing you need to understand about the Breakup Cure is that it is not some magical potion and the solutions offered in this breakup course will not work if you don’t actually apply them to your life.

It is still you – through your dedication, sincerity and efforts – who will determine whether you’ll successfully move on from your past relationship or not.

The Breakup Cure Is A Digital Product Only

Kevin Kurgansky’s course is presented in video, eBook and audio formats only. While it is true that a digital product is great because it’s handy and easily accessible anytime of the day, if you prefer an actual book this may be an issue for you.

The Breakup Cure ReviewOur Verdict

Overall, there is no doubt that the Breakup Cure by Kevin Kurgansky is one of the most popular relationship courses online for a good reason and we personally believe that it provides great value for the money.

The strategies and ideas in this course are not given by some “wannabe relationship expert” and Kevin Kurgansky is duly certified, has years of experience and specializes in breakups, so he’s more than capable to handle different situations and offer valuable help when it comes to relationship problems.

We also like the fact that Kevin is dedicated in helping out people and he can work with you personally and to offer you tailor-made strategies in case you are in a complicated situation. He also provides different means – private email, Skype and phone that will make it possible for people all over the world to reach him and take advantage of his program, something that is very rare with similar courses these days…

With that said, The Breakup Cure is not for everyone.

Firstly, this is a digital product so if you only want to go through a physical book you may want to skip this course or simply to print the PDF material at home. In addition, if you’re looking for something that will magically help you heal and move forward in a snap, The Breakup Cure may not be for you. You must understand that this program will provide you with help, however you must actually apply the strategies given in order for them to work.

On the other hand, if you want to cure your damaged heart through proven techniques that were developed by a certified and experienced relationship & breakup coach, then The Breakup Cure is definitely worth checking out.

This program can really help you bear the pain, move on and build a new relationship with or without your ex, and with the great combination of full money back guarantee and very affordable trial offer there is really nothing you have to lose…

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Well, we really hope that this Breakup Cure review was helpful.

Below you can also find one useful video by Kevin Kurgansky that shares several tips to get over a broken heart.

We wish you a happy and fulfilling life ahead!



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