If you heard about the Emotional Hook Formula (also known as the “Drama Method”) by Aaron Fox and you wonder if this new program can really help you then stay with us and find the truth about this program.

On this Emotional Hook Formula review we will focus on the most important things that we believe you should know about this “Drama Method”, including the pros and cons of Aaron Fox’s program and will try to help you understand if this new relationship program is really the right choice for you or not.

Before anything else, lets firstly understand what the Emotional Hook Formula is all about…

Emotional Hook FormulaWhat Is The Emotional Hook Formula?


Created by Aaron Fox, a world class relationship expert and acclaimed author, the Emotional Hook Formula can be best described as a step-by-step system which was designed to help you make the guy you love become passionate about you, regardless of how old you are and your current relationship status.

As the name implies, the Drama Method program revolves around the idea that using the right kind of “drama” will raise your man’s emotional temperature to very high levels and will cause him to see you as the only woman that can make him feel that way.

Aaron Fox explains that many women play “emotional poker” with their man these days, trying one thing after another and dreaming about the perfect relationship when they actually do lots of mistakes along the way. He says that the main goal of his Emotional Hook Formula program is to put an end to that and instead to give you a step-by-step strategy that will help you to create and maintain a high level of emotional intensity in your man.

In order to achieve this goal Aaron Fox offers specific methods of “drama” that will cause your man, or the man you want, to feel something that he calls “adrenaline spike”.

This kind of adrenaline is basically the same kind of adrenaline that you feel when you first fall in love with someone and because of that this specific Drama method can be used by any woman no matter if you are old, single, married, separated, on a date or if your current situation isn’t all that bad right now and you just want to improve your current relationship.

This is, in a nutshell, the main idea behind the Emotional Hook Formula system. However, in order to learn what you can really expect from Aaron Fox’s program and if this system is really what you are looking for, listed below are the major pros and cons of the Drama Method that we believe you should know.

The Drama Method Reviews

The Pros And Cons Of The Emotional Hook Formula By Aaron Fox


The Pros


Contains Several Components

The Drama Method program includes 3 different components: the main guide, the audio version of the guide and 3 bonus reports called the “Mind Scanner” report, the “Extreme Case Scenario” Report and the “Shameless Truth Report”.

We really like the addition of the audio version that allows you to learn the concepts of the Emotional Hook Formula while you are in the car, exercising or just doing any daily housework chore. In addition, we also found the “Mind Scanner” report to be a great bonus item that adds real value.

Can Be Used In Many Different Scenarios

One of the best things about the Emotional Hook Formula system by Aaron Fox is the fact that it was designed to help women in different relationship statuses and in almost any age.

The strategies and techniques that Aaron Fox teaches inside his main guide can be used by young, old, single, separated or married women who want to use it on their husbands, boyfriends or guys that they just met.

In addition, Aaron Fox has broken everything down into an easy to follow system that makes it really easy to understand what you should do and when in order to enjoy the best results from his Drama Method.

Can Be Also Used To Make A Good Relationship Even Better

Another great thing about the Emotional Hook Formula program is that you can actually use it even if you are already happy with your relationship but want to take it to the next level.

Some of the strategies inside the Drama Method main guide can be used on your husband or boyfriend in order to make him more crazy about you and to make him start treating you the way you always wanted to be treated.

Available For Immediate Download

Aaron Fox’s Emotional Hook Formula program is available for immediate download after your purchase which means there is no need to wait for it to be shipped and you can actually start learning the methods inside this system right away.

8 Week Money Back Guarantee Is Included

When purchasing the Emotional Hook Formula system every customer gets 8 weeks of full money back guarantee to try the system and all the bonus items with no risk at all, which is a huge advantage.


The Cons


May Be A Bit Manipulative For Some Women

We believe that some women may find several techniques inside the Emotional Hook Formula program to be a bit “sneaky” for them. Aaron Fox uses some psychological tricks inside his guide and while everything is legit, some of the methods can be seen as too manipulative sometimes.

Not Available In Hard Copy

While we personally prefer digital formats that allow you to have immediate access to the products you purchase, we must admit that we think it would have been nice if Aaron Fox could offer a hard copy of his main guide and bonuses as well.

You won’t find the Emotional Hook Formula system at stores these days and if you don’t like the EBook version your only choice is to print the material at home by yourself.

Should Be Used For The Right Purpose

The Drama Method program can really help many women to make their relationship work, however we must say that you should always remember that these techniques can be very powerful and you should be careful when applying them.

You should use the techniques inside the Drama Method in the right “dosage” in order to create a relationship that will grow and not one that will become addictive or obsessive.


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Drama Method SystemShould You Get The Emotional Hook Formula Program?


The Emotional Hook Formula By Aaron Fox is for you if:


  • You feel that your guy suddenly lost interest in you and you are looking for ways to bring the fire back into your relationship.
  • You just met someone new and you want to make him become passionate about you.
  • You are looking for powerful attraction method that can work for almost any woman, regarding the age and the relationship status.
  • You are looking for methods to make your already happy relationship even a happier one.
  • You are looking for a relationship system for women that comes with 100% money back guarantee.


The Emotional Hook Formula By Aaron Fox is not for you if:


  • You don’t want to use any psychological tricks and methods in order to achieve your relationship goals.
  • You are planning to use the strategies inside the Drama Method in the wrong “dosage” which can lead to obsessive relationship.
  • You think that the Emotional Hook Formula is a “magic pill” that will help you to get any guy you want overnight.


The Drama Method Aaron FoxOur Verdict

Overall, there is no doubt that the Emotional Hook Formula system by Aaron Fox is a very unique relationship program that offers very interesting techniques that we didn’t see in any other guide so far.

The methods inside this program are very powerful and all in all this is one of the most intense training programs we have seen to make a man become passionate about you.

We really like that the strategies inside the Drama Method system were designed to fit women in different relationship statuses and really appreciate the fact that Aaron Fox added the audio version as a complement to the main guide, something that is really useful in our opinion and also makes the program more comprehensive compared to other popular guides such as What Men Secretly Want.

With that said, the Emotional Hook Formula is not for every woman.

If you don’t want in any way to use some psychological methods as a way to achieve your relationship goals with the guy you love then the Drama Method is probably not for you. Furthermore, if you plan to use the methods inside Aaron Fox’s system in an exaggerated way to make your guy “over obsessive and addictive” to you then we personally believe that you are doing a mistake and we won’t recommend this program for you.

On the other hand, if you want to have more control in your relationship, to bring the fire back or to make men become passionate about you in a good way, then Aaron Fox’s Emotional Hook Formula system can be a great pick for you.

Moreover, with the fantastic money-back guarantee and the great limited time reduced price there is really nothing to lose and we personally think that the Drama Method is definitely worth a try…

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We hope that our Emotional Hook Formula review was helpful for you.

Feel free to contact us or to leave a comment if you have any additional question about Aaron Fox’s program and we will try to help.

All the best!

Shelby and Skylar

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