If you heard about the Penguin Method by Samantha Sanderson and you wonder if this relationship course is really the right solution for your specific situation then stay with us and learn all the details that you should know about Samantha Sanderson’s program before making any decision.

At this Penguin Method review we will focus on the most important things that we believe you need to know about this program and also cover the pros and cons that we personally found about it in details.

Before anything else though, here is a short overview of the basics of the Penguin Method that will help you to understand what Samantha Sanderson’s program is all about.


The Penguin MethodWhat Exactly Is The Penguin Method?

Created by Samantha Sanderson, a well-known relationship expert, The Penguin Method can be best described as a dating and relationship guide that aims to help women make any guy they want fall madly in love with them using techniques based on the unique combination of neurological principles, also called as neurological reliance, and behavioral dynamics of penguins.

Samantha Sanderson explains that the number one problem with men nowadays is that most of them are afraid to commit to a long-term relationship. If they do manage to enter in a long-term relationship, they fail to satisfy their partners’ emotional needs or tend to be guarded.

On the other hand, as you might know, penguins only have one partner throughout their life and a male penguin would do anything to vie for the attention of a female penguin. That’s, in short, how the Penguin Method got its name 🙂

Inside her dating and relationship course Samantha Sanderson covers many topics and focus mainly on different methods that will help you get a man to feel intense connection and love for you. In a nutshell, listed below are some of most important things that you will find inside the Penguin Method course:


  • A formula that would cause a man to want to protect and be with you every chance he gets.
  • “The Romeo Effect” which will help you harnesses the power of words to create instant connection with any man.
  • Explanations on how to decipher the meaning behind his spoken (or unspoken) words.
  • Ways to understand exactly what he really wants without needing him to tell you anything.
  • Methods to stimulate intense lust in your current partner or a man you’re eyeing.
  • A useful technique that would make him responds to your texts or calls as soon as possible, even if he’s hanging out with his buddies.
  • “The Emotional Bonding Effect” which can help you make him stay loyal to you for good.
  • “The Eternal Commitment Code” which can help your man overcome the long-term relationship phobia and get excited about building a bright future with you.
  • Advice on how to develop the “habits of love” from your man which would ensure that he will make you feel his deep appreciation and love for you, and much more…


Aside from The Penguin Method main guide, you will also receive several bonus items while purchasing Samantha Sanderson’s course. We don’t want to focus on these bonus items here because you can find enough information about them At This Page, however, just for your reference, the bonus items that Samantha Sanderson offers these days are “The Cupid’s Commitment Commandments”, “The Forever Yours Exclusive Report”, The “7 Deadly Sins of Re-Attraction Video Training”, The “Unlock His Heart Exclusive Report” and a free trial of The “Love of His Life Advanced Coaching Program”.

These are just some of the things you can expect from The Penguin Method. Now, to know better whether this relationship program is really for you or not, let’s go over its various pros and cons.

Penguin Method ReviewThe Pros And Cons Of The Penguin Method


The Pros


Works With Almost Any Type Of Guy

One of the things that we really like about the Penguin Method is that it is not “narrow” and whoever your ideal man is (even if you’re already in a relationship) you can implement the concepts and methods taught by Samantha Sanderson in this course in order to turn your luck in love around and end up with a more satisfying and long-lasting relationship.

Can Be Used By All Women

Likewise, The Penguin Method is perfect for all types of women. Your age, relationship status, educational background, physical appearance or career doesn’t matter. Samantha Sanderson even shows you exactly what you can do if you are a complete newbie in the dating arena so you can still be able to take advantage of the techniques taught in her course.

Easy To Understand And Execute

You don’t have to be a degree holder or an expert in relationships to understand what Samantha Sanderson shows in The Penguin Method course. Everything in this program is simply explained and completely doable by any woman without problems.

Comes With A No-Hassle Guarantee

The beauty of taking advantage of this course is that it’s backed up by a full refund, 100% guaranteed, and if you are not satisfied from what you learned you can get every penny you’ve spent within 60 days.

That’s how confident Samantha Sanderson is with her methods for hooking and making any guy love you more and more each day, and this is with no doubt another great advantage.


The Cons


Limited Free Subscription To Her Coaching Program

It’s great that Samantha Sanderson allows customers to get a full two-week access to her “Love of His Life Advanced Coaching Program” for free, however, we must admit that we were a bit disappointed to see that she doesn’t offer any discount for her Penguin Method customers which are interested in this program as well after the trial period.

May Not Work In Some Cases

Since every relationship is unique and everyone of us is different, you should remember that there is no such thing as a “100% proven method” when it comes to dating and relationships.

You need to understand that like any other relationship course, the Penguin Method may not work in some specific cases and this is absolutely not a “magic bullet”.

Sold Only Online In Digital Format

Since the Penguin Method is a digital product sold on the Internet, you don’t have to wait for days to start following Samantha Sanderson’s methods. On the other hand, the fact that it’s not a physical book could prove to be a disadvantage for traditional readers.

It can also be a downside for people who live in places with limited Internet connection.

Penguin Method Samantha SandersonOur Verdict

Overall, there is no doubt that the Penguin Method by Samantha Sanderson can really help many women around the world these days and what we really like about this course is that Samantha explained each concept and technique simply, so you don’t have to spend hours deciphering what to do.

We also like that this course can truly help in understanding a man’s thinking and the real meaning behind his words and actions, so you’ll know exactly what to do or say. What’s more, this course was designed with all women in mind and you absolutely don’t have to be physically attractive or project an easy-to-get image just to pull this off, one thing which may be extremely important for many women.

With that said, The Penguin Method is not for everyone.

If you plan to toy around with men’s emotions, if you’re only searching for short-term relationships or if are looking for a “magic bullet”, then The Penguin Method may not be for you. It’s an effective course, but it’s not intended for any twisted intentions that could ruin a guy’s life.

We also believe that it would have been great if Samantha Sanderson allowed people full access to her “Love of His Life Advanced Coaching Program” for a discounted price, but this isn’t a big deal since the Penguin Method main program is a great resource by itself.

All in all, if your man makes you feel that you’re not loved enough or if you spent majority of your time thinking how to get the man of your dreams to finally notice you, then the Penguin Method is absolutely for you and we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

The price of this course is very reasonable and besides, if you think that this course hasn’t done anything to improve your dating life or relationship you can always take advantage of the 60 days refund guarantee, so actually there is really nothing for you to lose…

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This is it for our Penguin Method review. We really hope you find this post useful and we wish you a happy and satisfying love life!

Shelby and Skylar

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