If you heard about the Single Girls’ Handbook by Patti Stanger and David Wygant, and you are not sure if this dating system is really for you, then you are warmly welcome to check our today’s detailed review.

On this review you will learn what the Single Girls’ Handbook can offer you, what you will get once you pay for it, and which pros and cons you need to understand in order to make an informed decision.

Let’s start with a basic overview and firstly understand what the Single Girls’ Handbook is all about…

The Single Girls' Handbook

What Exactly Is The Single Girls’ Handbook?


Created by Patti Stanger, a famous television personality and CEO of Millionaire’s Club International Inc., together with David Wygant, a globally known dating and relationship coach for men, the Single Girls’ Handbook can be best described as an easy to follow program that was created to help single women find the man who completely loves and respects them in just a short period of time.

David Wygant and Patti Stanger say that their Single Girls’ Handbook was designed specially to help thousands of confused and frustrated ladies to break free from their single status and be able to join the world of happily committed ladies.

To help them doing so, the authors offer a step-by-step guide that comes with over 3-hour audio coaching and focus on 3 important fundamentals, which are:


  • Learning the right signals to magnetize men instead of making them want to get as far away from you as possible.
  • Implanting thoughts of your future together in your man’s subconscious mind, so he would think it was his idea.
  • Making a man feel the need to work hard for your love by believing that you’re happy with or without a man by your side.


More specifically, Patti Stanger and David Wygant share the following information inside their Single Girls’ Handbook:

1. Lots of tips on the right way of flirting, including how to use your body movements.

2. Different tricks in order to get instant access to how men think.

3. How to tweak a man’s emotions without him being aware of what you’re doing.

4. How to shift from being a bystander to being an active participant of your love life.

5. Proven methods to be a successful online dater, including tips on how to create an online profile that’ll attract the right man for you.

6. Tips on what men really find attractive in a woman.

7. Advice that will help you to understand the real reasons why you’re still not in a long-term and happy relationship.

8. Red flags that you should be looking for to avoid bad relationships, and more…

Those are just some of the main things you can expect to learn inside the Single Girls’ Handbook. It is also important to note that aside from the main program, Patti Stanger also offers two bonuses to her customers: the “Become Fearless” audio guide and the “Develop a Winning Attitude” audio guide.

In short, the “Become Fearless Audio” will teach you how to get rid of negative influences and doubts, accept who you really are, create a lifestyle that’ll make you an attractive option for men, and a lot more. Meanwhile, the “Develop a Winning Attitude Audio” will reveal to you some of Patti Stanger’s secrets to effortlessly attract the right men for you, and how to evaluate your interest in a man.

That is, in a nutshell, the basics of the Single Girls’ Handbook. Now, to help you understand if this dating and relationship system is truly FOR YOU or not, let’s cover the various pros and cons of Patti Stanger’s program.

Single Girls' Handbook review

The Pros And Cons Of The Single Girls’ Handbook


The Pros


Authored By Experts In The Dating And Relationship Industry

If you’ve been following them, you’ll know that David Wygant and Patti Stanger are far from being scammers or self-proclaimed love gurus, who absolutely have no good track records to backup their claims.

Patti Stanger, as you may know, starred in and produced her own television reality series called The Millionaire Matchmaker. She also owns the Millionaire’s Club International Inc., which offers professional matchmaking services to millionaires.

On the other hand, David Wygant is a highly popular author, dating and relationship coach. He’s a lead writer for Yahoo! Personals and he also shared his advice in various radio shows and television shows, like MTV, E! Entertainment Television, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, and so on.

In short, the Single Girls’ Handbook is a real program that comes from trusted experts.

A Very Affordable Alternative To Personal Coaching

Both David Wygant and Patti Stanger usually charge $1000’s for personal coaching with them, however, they also understand the fact that not everyone could afford their professional personal coaching fee.

This is actually the beauty of the Single Girls’ Handbook – it offers an affordable and a highly valuable alternative to personal coaching for people who simply can’t pay so much.

The best thing in our opinion is that although this program costs just a fraction, it contains most of the techniques, methods and information that both Patti Stanger and David Wygant use in their personal coaching meetings, so you get professional and effective advice from two experts without paying top dollars for that.

Teaches You How To Be Proactive In Your Love Life

If you hate the thought of being forever alone, Patti Stanger strongly advice that you should stop waiting for Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet and just go find him instead.

It’s not always as easy as it may sound – perhaps you’re too shy or clueless on how to go about things – but that’s what the Single Girls’ Handbook is all about.

You’ll learn unique information on the dos and don’ts of dating, how to attract the right men, know how men think, and other important insights based on the authors’ professional experiences.

Become More Confident And Skilled In Getting Mr. Right

After reading the Single Girls’ Handbook, we’re pretty sure you’ll become more informed and confident. The overwhelming sense of feeling that you’re destined to be alone forever will be gone and you’ll no longer worry about your capabilities of attracting the guy you want. And most especially, you’ll stop thinking that you’re unworthy of the love and affection of any man.

User-Friendly Website

The official website of the Single Girls’ Handbook is also worth mentioning. Aesthetically, it’s well organized and pleasing to the eyes, but what we really love is the introduction video on its landing page.


Well, we’ve been reviewing a lot of relationship and dating programs for women until now, and it’s really rare to find an introduction video that you could pause and play. That’s something great for us, because we can go back to the parts that are interesting, confusing, or whatever.

Another thing that’s great about their website is it doesn’t have that annoying pop-up message that asks you to ‘Stay on this Page’ or ‘Leave this Page’ whenever you try to exit the site. In our opinion, this adds credibility to the Single Girls’ Handbook.

A Whopping 90-Day Money Back Refund Guarantee

Well, that’s how confident Patti Stanger and David Wygant are with their system. Most authors would only offer the regular 60-day money back guarantee to their products, however, this is not the case here.

In simple words, you can test drive the Single Girls’ Handbook for an entire 3 months and if you’re not happy with it within that time period you can get a full refund.

This is an extremely fair offer in our opinion and a big advantage compared to similar dating systems for women online.


The Cons


Cultural Hindrances

Flirting with men, having sex outside of marriage, getting the guy instead of the other way around – those things don’t suit very well those places that keep conservative beliefs about relationships and dating. Thus, some people may feel offended by some of the topics covered in this handbook.

Real-Life Application Is A Must

Well, you can’t just buy this and expect the man of your dreams to magically appear after going through this handbook. Like any other guide, your love life will not change if you don’t put into action the techniques and insights you will learn in the Single Girls’ Handbook.

Sold Online As A Digital Product Only

If you’re expecting to get a paperback book, well, you’re in for a disappointment. The Single Girls’ Handbook is digitally formatted and exclusively sold online. In simple words, a hard copy version of this dating handbook is not being offered by the authors and you won’t find this product at physical stores in the “offline world”.

Single Girls Handbook by Patti StrangerThe Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Single Girls’ Handbook is an outstanding product. Just knowing that it was created by two of the most well-known and respected people in the dating and relationship industry are enough reason for us to buy this product without knowing the full details. That’s simply how experienced and credible the authors are.

We personally really like that this handbook is very easy to follow and understand. It really gives you a detailed blueprint on how to actively find the man of your dreams and make him commit to you for good. After going through this system, we are pretty sure you’ll be more confident and skilled in attracting the right guy for you and have a happy relationship.

We also have to admit that Patti and David’s 90-day money back guarantee is a huge advantage and something that adds more credibility to their system. Although we doubt you’ll ever have to take advantage of that offer, it is always great to know you have this option, so you can be more relaxed when following everything Patti Stanger and David Wygant explain inside their guide.

With all that said, the Single Girls’ Handbook is not for everyone.

If you’re not willing to apply the techniques and ideas in this handbook, if you were brought up in a very conservative household, or if you think that the Single Girls’ Handbook is some kind of “magic bullet” which will make the love of your dreams to “magically appear”, then we won’t recommend you getting Patti Stanger and David Wygant’s system.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a real system that comes from two experts which can save you from sleazy guys and crappy relationships, and to help you finally find the man who completely respects and loves you, then the Single Girls’ Handbook can be a great choice for you.

Moreover, right now Patti Stanger offers a special discounted price for her complete system, and together with the 90-day money back guarantee which you automatically get, we truly believe that the Single Girls’ Handbook is worth a try…

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Well, that is it for our today’s review. We also added below a quick and nice video from Patti Stanger and David Wygant on how to attract a quality guy. Feel free to check it out if you want…

We hope you enjoyed reading this Single Girls’ Handbook review and we wish you a happy and fulfilling love life!

Shelby and Skylar

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