What Men Really Want In A Woman
Contrary to common belief, it’s going to take more than looks to earn a man’s deepest level of respect and love. So, what will make a man look at you as a girlfriend (or even wife) material? Here are our thoughts on what men really want in a woman.

#1 – Miss Independent

Men are really turned off when women give up everything in order to make them their universe. You have to understand that men are more attracted to women who are able to provide for themselves, take time to pursue their life goals, stand up for what they believe in, and nurture other relationships.

#2 – Confident

Women with low self-confidence tend to be too submissive and needy, which are major turn offs for guys. Confidence (without being arrogant or fake) is sexy because women who have this don’t need constant support or reassurance, can make their own decisions, and can offer a guy a shoulder to cry on.

#3 – Brainy

It’s hard to believe this is what men really want in a woman, right? What’s even more amazing is it’s backed up by a study. According to a study that was published in Daily Mail U.K. (online), modern British men are putting more value on intelligence than beauty. [1]

Perhaps one reason is smart women are not easy, which is great because men love challenges. These women are also able to maintain sensible conversations and can put themselves in equal footing with men.

Caveat: Success and intelligence in a woman can be intimidating qualities for men who have insecurity issues.

#4 – Adventurous

What men really want in a woman is to be spontaneous because it keeps the relationship interesting. And the more a man is having fun in a relationship, the more he’ll want to stay.

So, the next time you go on a date, try suggesting new things you two could do, like archery, skydiving, or eat at a new restaurant. Whatever it is, make sure to keep an open mind and enjoy every moment of it.

#5 – Supportive

He may not say it out loud, but your support really means the world to him. You don’t need to adopt or like what he’s passionate about, though. Just a simple “I’ll support you” or “I love you” statement would do. Giving him unconditional understanding and support will do a lot in making your relationship grow stronger.

#6 – Emotionally Mature

What men really want in a woman is to have complete control over her emotions. The last thing he wants is a woman who throws tantrums whenever things don’t go her way.

When misunderstandings arise, don’t play the blame game. Listen to what he has to say, and when it’s your time to share your thoughts and emotions, be calm and non-dramatic.

These are just a few common traits that men are secretly looking for in a potential partner. How many qualities do you possess?

Well, we hope that you enjoyed this post. Feel free to check the attached video below for more great info.

We wish you the best and hope to see you again soon!

Shelby and Skylar


[1] Tamara Cohen. (2012 September 11). “Not just a pretty face: Modern men prefer women with brains rather than beauty.” Retrieved from the Daily Mail U.K.




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