What Men Want In WomenYou’ve probably heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The act like they want one thing, yet that never seems to work, either.The very fact that you are reading this post is proof that you can’t figure out WHAT men want.

So, how can you know for sure what men want in women?

The first secret is a bit controversial. Men want to be respected. Thanks to women’s liberation and equality, women also think that they need respect, however the real core here is VERY different.

For women, living in a man’s world can mean adopting men’s values, but men need respect at a different level than what women do.

Women need to feel loved and cherished. Men also need to feel loved, but it is much different than the core level that women need to feel love.

Let me re state that because it sounds more complicated than what it really is.

What men want in women is for them to deeply respect them.

We aren’t talking about equal treatment here. Men and women are different and can’t be treated the same.

Here is another important point. What men want in women is for her to be competent, yet willing to follow his lead.

Nothing turns a guy on more than for the women to be competent and strong, yet willing to follow him as the leader.

I know that may sound a little bit old fashioned, but hey, divorce rates USED to be a lot lower, back when women knew what men want in women and just did it.

I know that I am running the risk of sending you running in the opposite direction here, I mean, hey, THEY need to respect US, too, right?

Not really.

While we, as women have been trained to ask for respect, we’ll take being loved over respected any old day. Now I’m not saying women should be trashed. No, but if a women is truly loved, then there will be a measure of respect there, also. It just will be in a lower doses than the respect.

Still with me?

OK. What men want in women is really pretty basic, the real question is, can you deliver? If you are willing to respect your man and show him honor, plus let him take the lead, he’ll be one happy camper. He’ll also be a lot more inclined to be loving with you.

In fact, if we all added a good, healthy dose of respect to all of our relationships, we’d ALL be a lot happier, with out a doubt.

How can you do this without coming off weak or needy?

Well, being respectful isn’t weak, neither is following a good leader. After all, every well fought war only had one great general, right?

Picking a man that you can easily respect makes this a whole lot simpler!

Really, as a sum up this post, it’s also about maturity. If you want a grown up relationship, then look for a grown up man. If you are also mature, chances are that you are what men want in women!

I hope that you have found this post to be helpful. If you are looking for a complete program that will help you to understand what men really want in women then I will recommend looking at our reviews on Enchant Him by Carrie Engel or on Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey system.

Have a great day and I hope to see you here again soon!


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