What Men Want To Hear From WomenIn real life, there are a few rules about what men want to hear from women. It’s pretty simple and these basics have been around since the cave women first spoke to her cave man.

Tell your man that he looks great. We all, eventually, start taking that someone special just a little bit for granted. So turn back the clock and start paying attention to what your man looks like, and give him a compliment. If you’ve just started dating a guy, the same phrase will do wonders for his self esteem and ego!

What men want to hear from women every now and then is for their opinion. “Can you tell me what you think about…?” This phrase really will make him glow just a little bit brighter because men love to feel like their opinion is important to you.

Another one of the top five best things to say to your man is that you are impressed with something that he has done. If he mentions an accomplishment, go ahead and express your amazement. If he mentions something that he has done, it’s probably because he is proud of an accomplishment, so if you’re impressed, he’ll love it.

While we all know that women like to hear “I love you,” it’s on the top of the list of what men want to hear from women, too. If you aren’t quite up to the declaration of love stage yet, an honest “I like you,” works equally as well. Men appreciate knowing that you enjoy them, it’s like a b-12 energy shot to the ego.

“I don’t know what I would ever do with out you!” is another winner on the list of what men want to hear from women. It seems to trigger their secret hero bone and it makes them feel really special.

I love making lists like this of things to say, although much of what I write seems like common sense to me! Of course, sincerity is the most important element in compliments and in all other aspects of your relationship. Men, and women for that matter, can usually spot a lie, I mean, insincere comment, a mile a way!

While I’m on this run, how about a few things that did NOT make the list of what men want to hear from women!

“My ex was so good at…” Really, the LAST thing either sex wants to hear is that you are thinking about an ex, much less thinking about them in a positive light. It’s really in your best interests to keep the ex’s in the past.

Here is the top no-no of what you should NOT say and what men NEVER want to hear from women, “Wow, that guy is really hot!” I’m sure you can guess why men don’t want to hear this!

OK, now that I’ve had a lot of fun writing out phrases for you, let me just add that what men want to hear from women is that you are really into them. They need reassurance, just like women do. So pay attention to you guy, and don’t be afraid to be vocal about it!

Hope that this post gave you some new ideas… see you soon and all the best!

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