If you heard about the Online Allure Formula by Michael Fiore and you are looking for an honest review about this program that will help you to understand if Michael Fiore’s course can really help you or not, then keep reading and find all the details that you must know about the Online Allure program before making a final decision.

On this Online Allure Formula review we will cover the program in details and will examine the most important pros and cons of it so you can understand much better if you should invest in it or not.

Before anything else, here is a basic overview of the Online Allure program and the things that you can expect to learn inside…

Online Allure FormulaWhat Exactly Is The Online Allure Formula?

Created by Michael Fiore, a world-renowned relationship expert, the Online Allure Formula is a new dating course that was created to help women attract the right kind of guys online.

It can be said that Michael Fiore designed his Online Allure Formula specifically for women who have strings of bad experiences in the online dating world; they constantly attract the scumbags, the sex-a-holics, the emotionally unavailable, the serial dater, etc. However, this program can also suit single ladies who are planning to try their luck in finding love online at the first time.

The Online Allure system contains several items and the most important one of them is the “Complete Online Allure Formula Training Program” that covers many topics, including the following:


  • The three most significant steps you can use to make your dating profile shine brighter than the rest, so he’ll be motivated to move your relationship to a higher level.
  • What to say or not say to men in order to avoid turning them off.
  • How to become totally irresistible in the eyes of men, so they’ll come begging for a date with you (again and again).
  • The specific things men look for in women online.
  • The real reasons why you keep attracting the wrong types of men on the Internet.
  • Five groups of men you’ll surely encounter in the online dating world, what is the different between them and more…


In addition to the main training program, Michael Fiore also offers several bonus items such as “The Profile Transformation Bible”, the “Online to Altar” guide and lifetime access to the members’ area of the Online Allure program (you can find more information about the bonus items at the Official Online Allure Site).

Basically, this is what you can expect to get inside the Online Allure Formula dating course. Now, to understand much better whether this course is really for you or not, let’s discuss some of the most important pros and cons of Michael Fiore’s program.

Online Allure Michael FioreThe Pros And Cons Of The Online Allure Formula


The Pros


Clear-Cut And Thorough Instructions

It’s really quite impossible, at least in our opinion that you won’t be able to implement the techniques and instruction Michael Fiore shares in his program.

This dating course is so simply explained and given in step-by-step form so all you really need to have to find success in this course is common sense and the ability to follow instructions.

Created By A Competent Relationship Advisor

Michael Fiore is not just some so-called relationship and dating coach, and he was introduced on many media platforms around the US in the last several years. As a matter of fact, before the Online Allure program, he has already published other successful programs, such as Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever and Text Your Ex Back which became best-sellers in no time at all, so there is no doubt that he is a real expert that can be trusted.

Helps You Avoid Common Online Dating Mistakes

Why do you keep attracting losers online? That’s the million-dollar question of many women today. Perhaps you’re doing or saying something that makes you magnetize them towards you, like saying the wrong things or posting the wrong pictures.

Fortunately, inside the Online Allure course Michael Fiore is not only telling you what to do next but also shares all the juicy details on what most women do to turn off men and how to avoid them.

Gives You A Man’s Point Of View

Like it or not, many women are totally clueless on how men think most of the time. With this course you can gain access to the male psyche because, well, Michael Fiore is also a guy. Who could help you fully understand men and dating than another man, agree?

Totally Affordable

Unfortunately, these days we see more and more “thin” dating programs that supposed to help women improve their relationship life with “cheap tricks” that work only in the short term.

However, we won’t say the same on the Online Allure Formula and actually, if you consider the wealth of expert advice and effective techniques contained in this course, you probably find it to be one of the most affordable dating courses for women available online today.

Comes With A 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Are you still attracting the wrong types of men online? Haven’t found what you were hoping for? Well, the good news is that Michael Fiore is so confident with his dating course that he’s willing to return all of your money back in this case.

In simple words, Michael Fiore’s guarantee allows you to try the Online Allure system without any risk.


The Cons


Only Works If You Work

Just like any other program, you have to exert effort and time to get the results you want. You can’t just read this, forget about it, and then expect men will magically line up at your doorstep.

If you want to attract Mr. Right, you must make sure you apply what you learn from the techniques and step-by-step instructions Michael Fiore imparted in this course.

Your Disbelief May Sabotage Your Success

Your thoughts are more powerful than you may think and it can determine the success or failure of your love life. If you doubt that the Online Allure Formula will deliver its promises, then it won’t do anything for you. You must have an open mind in order to make this course effective for you.

A Web-Based Program

The Online Allure Formula Training Program and all the bonus items that Michael Fiore provides come in a downloadable format via the members’ area. Unfortunately, the Online Allure Formula is not available in hard-copy version at stores and if you don’t like the thought of reading an eBook, then this may definitely be a con for you.

Online Allure reviewOur Verdict

We personally believe that the Online Allure Formula dating course is a great product and it is probably the closest thing you’ll ever have to a dating and relationship coach telling you exactly how to find success with online dating. The big difference is that it is a much cheaper alternative than one-on-one consultation with such a coach.

Actually, there are many things that make this course great. It’s detailed and simple to understand and use, it explains in great details many topics that we haven’t seen in other similar programs, and it comes from the point of view of a male author, who’s also an authority in his field.

We are sure that you’re already tired of thinking of how to attract the alpha males, or at least those that fit your requirements. This course will not only eliminate the guesswork, but it would also point out common mistakes that most women, perhaps including you, commit when dating online.

At the end of this all, this course will not only improve your dating life, but also your self-confidence. And self-confidence is something most men find really attractive in a woman.

With all that said, the Online Allure Formula is not for every woman.

Firstly, you have to take this dating course seriously if you want to achieve success. You can’t just read it and then forget about it later. You have to take note of everything Michael Fiore shares in this course and do your best to apply it in your online dating life. In addition, you should understand that there is no such thing as “100% guaranteed results” when it comes to the dating world so if you think that the Online Allure Formula is some kind of a “magic pill” then this course is probably not for you.

On the other, the Online Allure Formula is really a very impressive dating course and we personally believe that with the right efforts and enough patience most women who try to learn how to attract the right kind of guys online will find the information inside highly effective for them.

Moreover, considering the fact that Michael Fiore provides generous money back guarantee for the complete course we personally believe that the Online Allure Formula is a risk-free program that absolutely worth a try…

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That’s about it for this Online Allure Formula review. We hope you find this information really helpful and we wish you all the best in finding your “Prince Charming.”

Remember, enjoy every moment of online dating 🙂

Shelby and Skylar

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