Text Messages To Get Him BackActually, I think that texting is a great way to rekindle a dead relationship. Texting is non confrontational and pretty non invasive. It’s fast and easy. if you do it right, you can have instant results. But before we get to text messages to get him back, let’s cover a few ground rules first.

Before you start sending a barrage of texts to your ex, you need to let the break up cool down completely first. Some experts recommend letting a month go by, and I’d guess that would be enough time to let your ex cool down and start missing you. Break ups cause a lot of emotional turmoil, and you can;’t work on getting him back until the confusion has settled down. So be brave…no contact for a month, no texting, phone calls or drive by accidents.

After you have let the time go by, your initial text messages to get him back needs to be super low key and non threatening. Keep it brief and only one text! Say something like ‘Just watched the season finale of LOST and it made me think of you. Hope you’re doing well.’ Of course, if you’ve never watched Lost then that line obviously might confuse him, just substitute a show that you used to enjoy watching together. The goal here is to get him thinking of better times and to let him know that he is still on your mind.

The next step is to let a little time go by, this time about 2 weeks and then send another text, this one designed to remind him of a fun time you had together. This text messages to get him back should go a bit like this: “Remember when we went snow boarding last year and we accidentally got stuck on the triple black diamond? After we got down and had that beer, we laughed for an hour!” Over a two week period, you could probably get away with 2 of this kind of text, depending on if he responds to you at all. Keep it strictly fun and positive!

The next type of text messages to get him back involves being supportive and encouraging. This works best if you know that you ex is having a hard time. For example, you might say: “I’m sure you’re feeling the pressure at work now that tax season started. You’re great at your job and I know you’ll get through it just fine!”

At this point, you’ve established some kind of contact with your ex, so a lot is going to depend on if he is answering you back or not. If he still isn’t responding, you may need to give it another month, and then try the three types of texts over again.

Just as a side note, I know that many articles out there about text messages to get him back are going to suggest that you use jealousy. I highly recommend that you DON’T use that. Solid relationships are built on trust, not jealousy!

These are some of the most important rules on how to get him back with text messages. If you are looking for a complete program that covers every aspect regarding text messages and shows you step-by-step what you need to do and what you must avoid in order to get your ex boyfriend back with text messages then check our review on the Text Your Ex Back program. Below you can find a short video with some tips and examples from the creator of this program, Michael Fiore.

I wish you the best!


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